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Get to Know Us

We pride ourselves in providing the
best local produce and fruits

Watching our Future Grow

At Morgan’s Farm Market in Marion, NY, we are as

interested in our past as we are about our future.

Our family has been operating Morgan Farms for more than

50 years. The time we invested in this farm is what shows our commitment to quality produce.  We want our children to have the same bright futures we were given.

Taking Pride in our Past

Our current farm includes land that has passed hands among four generations. The VanGee’s owned the oldest property, which sits along Cory Corners Road. They are the maternal grandparents of Jane (Boerman) Morgan, the wife of our current third generation partner, Ralph Morgan. Jane’s father, George Boerman, purchased the homestead from his in-laws. George had a small dairy and vegetable farm. In 1962 our “home farm” was purchased adjacent to the VanGee homestead. It was at this time that the conversion to all fruit began. Apples, pears, prunes, and cherries were planted and the original VanGee homestead was converted to fruit. Today Ralph and Jane’s son and daughter in law Ned and Shelley own the home farm where they live with their five children. The original VanGee home is owned by Bruce Boerman and his wife Loretta. In 1995, Morgan Farms, LLC was established. The business is now known as Morgan Farms, LLC and is a partnership between Ralph and Ned. The farm grows apples, sweet and tart cherries, peaches, plums, pumpkins and strawberries on approximately 275 acres.

How the Farm Market Grew

Our farm began as a self-serve, roadside strawberry stand, located in George Boerman’s front yard. He set it up during his retirement years. The self-serve operation moved to Ned’s home in 1993. Two years later, a standing structure was built.

Other Adventures

In 2004, Ned partnered with a college friend and farming enthusiast, Kelly Morgan (no relation), to open our sister stand, Morgan’s Half Acre Produce, in Auburn, NY.

A Word about Our Employees

The Farm Market employees 8 local people seasonally and part time.  Our farm employs 6 other full-time individuals.  During apple harvest time, that number swells to 40 more!  We are so proud and thankful for these fine people for their time, talents, and dedication in making our business a success.

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